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This item is discontinued. We will attempt to find one.

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See why QuikTunes have become a favorite among bowhunters. You get the best quality, frustration free set up plus Nyloxᆰメ-patched screws for that lock down tight. And only one wrench is needed for all adjustments.

- Great for target shooter or hunters
- Fork Tamersᆰメ factory installed
- Micro-Adjustable vertical adjustment. - Calibrated micro-adjustable spring tension is independent from windage & elevation
- Micro-adjustable centershot.
- Exclusive triple bearing design for zero play AND ultimate shooting accuracy
- All QuikTunes have hardened steel shafts
- All QuikTunes have vibitration-resistant Nylokᆰメ-patched screws set it & forget it
- FREE Lizard-Tongue 3-D Launcher Unit in every QuikTune 3000 Package